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Greenhouses Grow Ontario - TOGA
Project Date/Duration: 2006

View a sample of the official plan  TOGA 2006 Report  (19.96MB)

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In the summer of 2005, The Ontario Greenhouse Alliance commissioned a study to assess the contribution the greenhouse agriculture sector makes to the provincial economy.  The firms of Planscape and Regional Analytics were jointly retained to:
  • Determine the current contribution of the greenhouse sector, both flowers and vegetables, the the economy of Ontario;
  • Estimate the future contributions of the greenhouse sector to the economy of Ontario; and
  • Provide a national and global context for the Ontario greenhouse sector in terms of growth opportunities, adoption of technology, competitive threats, water and energy supply and cost, border access and distribution logistics.
The study was conducted during the fall of 2005 and winter of 2006, using both primary and secondary data sources.  The authors encountered challenges with both the lack of and inconsistencies with data.  In response to this, caution was exercised with the data used and multiple data sources were referenced to confirm accuracy.  

2009 Update 

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