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Ontario Grains and Oilseeds Value Chain Study
Project Date/Duration: 2009

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The Ontario Grains & Oilseeds Safety Net Committee is an umbrella organization representing the Ontario Soybean Growers, Ontario Corn Producers' Association, Ontario Wheat Producers' Marketing Board, Ontario Canola Growers' Association, Ontario Coloured Bean Growers Association, Ontario White Bean Producers Marketing Board, and the Seed Corn Growers of Ontario. The committee was formed to represent the common interests of grains and oilseeds producers in Ontario. As part of this mandate, the committee commissioned this study to document the historic, present and future role of the grains and oilseeds industry in the economy of Ontario.

In preparing this study, the authors encountered challenges with the available statistics. The grains and oilseeds industry occupies a fundamental position in the agricultural value chain in Ontario. However, a significant amount of grains and oilseeds production is not captured in monetary activity measures such as gross farm receipts (GFR) and farm cash receipts (FCR). This is due to the fact that most grains and oilseeds producers generate other agricultural products that use grains and oilseeds output as 'on-farm' input. Since the product consumed on farms in not included in gross farm receipts and farm cash receipts statistics, this practice can undervalue the significance of the entire provincial grains and oilseeds industry. However, as an input to other production, grains and oilseeds are fundamental to the success of agriculture.

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