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Town of Amherstburg - Cultural Strategy
Project Date/Duration: February22, 2011

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The Town of Amherstburg has identified culture as a critical component to community success. The goal is to utilize and leverage culture more effectively in the community by making culture central in the decision-making process, using culture to boost tourism, improving the preservation of cultural assets, increasing cultural collaboration and partnership, and generally creating a culturally favourable environment. In order to achieve these goals, The Town of Amherstburg has embarked on an initiative to collect a comprehensive inventory of cultural resources, to map those resources and to develop a cultural strategy which will form the basis for cultural decision making now and in the future.


The five key objectives of the study are to:


1) Define the Town's cultural mandate as it applies to specific areas of Town administration and planning;

2) Promote and increase accessibility and awareness to culture among local residents, and tourists;

3) Support the case for further investment in the cultural sector;

4) Prepare for a cultural planning process that would determine strengths, gaps and opportunities for further development;

5) Build stronger, more effective relationships and communication across the Arts, Culture and Natural Heritage Community, while identifying opportunities and challenges.


The study aims to highlight culture, allow the public to re-think history and promote creativity and development. Culture, arts, natural heritage and environmental features have a well established tradition in The Town of Amherstburg and it is vital to maintain and build upon these assets. A renewed focus on culture has the potential to attract visitors, creative individuals and new businesses to the community as well as to enhance the quality of life for residents. A clear system to inventory and visualize cultural assets and a cultural strategy to promote these attributes will strengthen relationships in the community, market an amazing community to the world and pave the way for numerous other community opportunities for the Town of Amherstburg. In 2012 the Town of Amherstburg will celebrate the War of 1812 Bicentennial. There couldn't be a more perfect time to implement an initiative to understand and celebrate cultural heritage.

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