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Town of Kapuskasing - Cultural Mapping Initiative
Project Date/Duration: June 11, 2012

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The Cultural Mapping Initiative and Marketing Strategy involves a full investigation of culture in the Town of Kapuskasing. The study examined existing community trends, official plan policies and economic development strategies. The project collected an exhaustive inventory of cultural resources and developed an interactive online mapping interface for visitors and residents to explore culture in the Town of Kapuskasing. The study engaged local residents through questionnaires and community workshops in order to learn about culture in Kapuskasing. Lastly, the project developed marketing goals which understand the changing composition of local culture and effectively respond to community building goals and aspirations.


Through this project, the Town of Kapuskasing is well positioned to grow culture and tourism, as well as expand business development and investment. Moving forward, the community must make culture central in the decision-making process, reorganize and improve cultural amenities based on existing strengths, and increase cultural collaboration and partnership. As outlined in this study, a focus on community cultural strengths will support a creative economy, market an amazing community to the world and will pave the way for numerous new and exciting community opportunities for the Town of Kapuskasing.

The key objectives of the study were to develop a cultural inventory, engage the community and develop a cultural mapping application and marketing strategy for the Town of Kapuskasing. Completed work in the study will then be used to develop and implement a municipal cultural plan, and be integrated in the development of the Town's first Community Strategy.


The work program was structured around four (4) stages. These included:

Stage 1: Planning and Preparation

Stage 2: Cultural Profile and Draft Inventory

Stage 3: Community Consultation

Stage 4: Cultural Mapping and Cultural Resources Report


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